Ditch the HDMI Cable and Stream Your Movies with Plex this Weekend

FirstPlexServer_00_CoverLike most folks, I like streaming movies and TV shows from Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and a few other places instead of subscribing to cable TV. When I want to watch something in the┬áliving room, I use an older Roku set-top box to access most of the content I want to watch. Sometimes, however, I want to watch video files from other sources, usually in formats not natively supported by my Roku. In these cases, my usual streaming services don’t have the content available, leaving me two choices: watching on one of my computers, or plugging an HDMI cable in to my laptop and watching from my TV that way. For occasional viewing, that’s an alright option, but why not find┬ásomething better? After all, I’d love to be able to use my laptop for something more than just streaming a video.

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Installing Ubuntu 16.04 On A Hyper-V VM (The Long Way)

Install_Ubuntu_Server_00As is common in when learning or trying new things, sometimes you end up doing things the long way. In this case, I most definitely did. Being a little new to Ubuntu 16.04, I decided midway through the install of the server version that I wanted to use the desktop version. Rather than stop, download a slightly larger .iso file and install over the existing version of Ubuntu, I forged on, taking far longer than I needed to. Below, I’ll include links to both the server and desktop (GUI) versions of Ubuntu 16.04.

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Creating Your First Hyper-V VM

Now that Hyper-V has been set up, we can create a VM or two and start taking advantage of the benefits of virtualization. This first VM will be created using the .iso file for Ubuntu Server 16.04.1, but you can use just about anything you’d like, especially Windows OSs. Keep in mind that VMs, like any other OS installation, will require that you license your products, own keys, install updates, etc. I’ll be using Ubuntu to start, but later I plan on expanding to some other OSs. Let’s get started!

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