The Pursuit of Homelabs, Part 4 – Parts A-Plenty

homelab_part_4_000It’s time! In this post, I’ll be talking about the parts I chose, why I chose each one, and some of the lessons I’ve learned – oh boy, did I learn a lesson or two.

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The Pursuit of Homelabs, Part 3 – How I Learned To Love the R710

homelabpart3_001LAST TIME in THE PURSUIT OF HOMELABS, I talked about what my options were in upgrading my at-home resources I could use for virtualization and storage. Until I took the plunge, I didn’t want to get too much into the specifics of what my decision was. I’ve done my research. I’ve done a lot of window shopping. I’ve slept on it for a while. And now… I’ve got some parts in the mail! Keep reading to see why (and how) I chose Dell’s R710.

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The Pursuit of Homelabs, Part 1

Project_Homelab_Part1The last couple of weeks have been a flurry of learning, planning, and (for now) window shopping. Some earlier attempts at spinning up a few VMs at once on my desktop have been met with sluggish disappointment and a really warm office at best, and incompatibility and wasted time at worst. Despite being more than enough for gaming, it seems as though my desktop won’t cut it for what I’ve got planned. It’s for this reason that I’ve decided to look into expanding the resources at my disposal.

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Installing Ubuntu 16.04 On A Hyper-V VM (The Long Way)

Install_Ubuntu_Server_00As is common in when learning or trying new things, sometimes you end up doing things the long way. In this case, I most definitely did. Being a little new to Ubuntu 16.04, I decided midway through the install of the server version that I wanted to use the desktop version. Rather than stop, download a slightly larger .iso file and install over the existing version of Ubuntu, I forged on, taking far longer than I needed to. Below, I’ll include links to both the server and desktop (GUI) versions of Ubuntu 16.04.

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Creating Your First Hyper-V VM

Now that Hyper-V has been set up, we can create a VM or two and start taking advantage of the benefits of virtualization. This first VM will be created using the .iso file for Ubuntu Server 16.04.1, but you can use just about anything you’d like, especially Windows OSs. Keep in mind that VMs, like any other OS installation, will require that you license your products, own keys, install updates, etc. I’ll be using Ubuntu to start, but later I plan on expanding to some other OSs. Let’s get started!

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