Installing Ubuntu 16.04 On A Hyper-V VM (The Long Way)


  1. Download Ubutnu Server or Ubuntu Desktop; these instructions cover installing Ubuntu Server and then installing Ubuntu Desktop over it.
  2. Disable secure boot in your VM’s settings via Hyper-V Manager.
  3. Choose “Install Ubuntu Server” once booted, and step through the settings in each section. Settings of note include:
    -Choosing a descriptive hostname
    -Not encrypting the home directory
    -Choosing “guided – use entire disk” when partitioning
    -Not settings an HTTP proxy
    -Installing security updates automatically, and
    -Leaving just “standard system utilities” checked when choosing utilities to install
  4. When prompted, remove the VM’s DVD drive to remove the boot media via Hyper-V Manager by going to your VM’s settings > SCSI Controller > Remove DVD Drive.
  5. Log in and check for updates with “sudo apt-get update”.
  6. (Optional) Install Ubuntu Desktop on top of your server installation with “sudo apt-get update”.
  7. Reboot with “sudo reboot”, and log in.
  8. Check for security updates again via “sudo apt-get update” in Terminal.





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