Creating Your First Hyper-V VM


Creating a VM in Hyper-V Manager is quick and easy.

  1. Open Hyper-V Manager, go to New > Virtual Machine.
  2. Name the VM and choose where you want its data (not the .VHDX) file to go.
  3. Choose between generation 1 and generation 2. I chose generation 2 for its features and because I don’t need to worry about backwards compatibility.
  4. Assign the VM’s startup memory, and choose if you want to use Dynamic Memory.
  5. Choose the virtual switch the VM will be connected to, or leave it disconnected.
  6. Name the VM’s virtual hard disk (the .VHDX file), choose where it will be stored, and how large it will be. You can change this later.
  7. Point the VM to your desired installation .iso file, or choose to do this later. You can also install over the network if that’s available.
  8. Review the configuration for the VM, and click finish to create the VM.
  9. Boot to the VM, install the OS, and make use of it.