Who Am I, and What Am I Doing With This Website?

Why am I here? 

The organizational culture I’ve seen at my workplace and read about in others is that the help desk servers as a starting point for careers across IT departments. I’m not sure where I’d like to go and in what I’d like to specialize, so why not go for the shotgun approach and try a little bit of everything? As I build and play in my at-home sandbox, I’ll document what I do, what works, what doesn’t, and what I learn, partly for posterity, partly for my own reference, and hopefully for the benefit of others searching for tutorials. I want to explore the uses and benefits of different server OSs, desktop management solutions, useful and novel desktop OSs and applications, virtualization, networking, hardware, and security. I want to pick up a programming language or two, and I’ll share what online learning methods work for me. As I work towards earning certifications, I’ll share some of the lessons learned, and if topics in my MBA coursework seem especially relevant to the blog, I’ll write about that, too.

Who knows what the future holds?


I have a job, I’m a grad student, I like computers, I like learning things, and I want to set up a home lab to play with stuff I’d get in trouble for breaking at work. I’ll document what I do with server OSs, virtualization solutions, hardware, other software, and make some posts about security, news, business, earning certifications, programming, and more.